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Kevin O'Neal Sound Labs has the capabilities to create any kind of professional audio production ranging from radio imaging and liners to telephone messages, book reads, concert promotions, corporate events, theater premiers, restaurants, car dealerships, electronic stores and more! We also do in studio mixing, editing, and sound effects for theater plays, dance groups and more from coast to coast. We will produce all of your audio within the highest professional standards.

We strive to make every commercial sound like we are talking one on one with the listener, as if they were standing in front of us, with straight dry reads, soft sell, hard sell and even character voices. We turn the ideas you have into professional sounding commercial audio

We have solutions for complete copy writing and editing. Give us the information you want included in a commercial, and we'll write it for you. Give us copy that your not happy with, and we'll professionally rewrite it or edit it.
The pressure to create production that sells can be intense. Kevin O'Neal Sound Lab allows you to spend more time with the creative process and less time worrying about who you will get to produce your ideas.

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