About Us

Kevin O'Neal Sound Labs located in Apple Valley California, was created in 2001 to accommodate the heavy production demands of clients who wanted radio commercials made, but were not satisfied with the results they were getting from small local radio stations.

 In contrast, over the last decade a lot of radio stations were taken over by big corporate companies, which left many radio disc jockeys out of work in larger markets and looking for other means of income. This move also left business clients with only one or two voices to turn to in many smaller markets.

 Many of these clients became increasingly unhappy because their commercials locally sounded like everyone elses. Due to rising business costs, many of these clients also didn't want to pay or did not have the budget to pay the big costs of production houses...yet, they wanted their commercials to sound unique and original. Kevin O'Neal decided he could do the same job as most radio stations and production houses with a home studio, keeping costs down to clients, and delivering commercials in less time, and in digital quality.

 Today...Kevin O'Neal Sound Labs (KOSL) has become a full multi-track digital production studio that creates, and produces radio/tv copy for clients and radio stations with many very talented voices.Our goal is to create great professional commercials and audio that excites the imagination of the mind, while still keeping costs to clients and radio stations who need production voices amazingly affordable.

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